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“What’s with all the Fantails on our trucks?"

“What’s with all the Fantails?” If you visit SWIFT HQ you may notice a lot of Piwakawaka on the walls and vehicles. Long story short, when we first open our doors we received an ominous visit from two Piwakawaka. Rather odd as we were based in an industrial area of South Auckland. We have since moved our HQ over to Auckland's Northshore and we will still get a lot of them stopping by.

Some think this is traditionally bad luck, but depending on what you believe, a visit from Piwakawaka can be a message from an ancestor checking in on you, bringing you news of someone’s passing, or bringing new life. For us it was new life as SWIFT CONSTRUCTION HIRE began to rise up and find its place in the industry.

The Piwakawaka is swift, nimble, full of energy, and will fearlessly challenge all who walk in the forest.


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