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Light Towers

Wacker Neuson light towers

The trailer-mounted light tower LTN 6L with its own generator is designed for powerful mobile lighting. It is not necessary to ground the system. The four metal halide lamps of the light tower create near-daylight conditions within an extremely wide illumination radius. The adjustable tower can reach a height of 9m and rotates 360 degrees. The low sound levels make the light tower extremely versatile. The unit is ideally suited for illuminating general job sites, concrete pours, road and bridge work, parking lots, and events.


  • An area of approximately 5,393m² is illuminated by four 1,000 Watt metal halide lamps. The lamps are hung individually and are fully adjustable.

  • Two model versions: LTN 6LV with an electrically adjustable mast height at the touch of a push button. Transport with vertical mast position. LTN 6L with crank to adjust the height of the mast. For transport, the mast of the LTN 6L is tilted horizontally, thereby achieving a particularly compact size.

  • The large-capacity fuel tank permits a continuous lighting/run time of up to 73 hours between fills.

  • Three leveling jacks ease the positioning of the unit and improve its stability on uneven terrain and in windy conditions.

  • The highway-ready trailer of the light tower is licensed for road use in Europe and comes with a ball hitch as standard.

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