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Ten things you didn’t know about Arial work platforms (AWPs)

  1. The record breaking king sized snowman (Behemoth Bethel Snowman) was finished only with the help of a cherry picker during the winter of 1999 in Bethel, Maine… he was 29meters tall!

  2. There are three major types of aerial work platforms: mechanical lifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts.

  3. The average cherry pickers reach is approximately 61meters!

  4. A type of aerial platform crated the most famous crane shot in movie history, in ‘Gone with the wind’ beginning with Scarlett on the ground and rising up to reveal thousands upon thousands of wounded soldiers lying in the field.

  5. The Name “Genie” (a popular construction lift equipment manufacturer) is named as such because in 1966 customers were impressed with the “magic in the bottle” that was used to raise and lower the hoist, hence the name “Genie” was born and Genie Industries was founded.

  1. Aerial lifts come in either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

  2. A Company called Selma Manlift introduced the first “modern day style” aerial platform model in 1966.

  3. The construction lift company ‘JLG’ came about after John L. Grove and his wife visited the Hoover Dam in 1967 and witnessed two workers electrocuted while working on scaffolding. He was inspired to manufacture a product to allow workers to perform construction and maintenance tasks in the air more safely.

  4. The world’s most “reachable” aerial lift to date is JLG Industries 1850SJ Ultra boom with nearly three million cubic feet of reachable space, with a working height over 185 feet.

  5. The original ‘cherry picker’ style truck and trailer mounted platform was invented by Jay Eitel as he was frustrated and exhausted at having to move and reposition his ladder countless times during the day to pick cherries in 1944.

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