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Forklift Hire


Looking to hire a forklift? We've got you covered. From short-term hires to long-term leasing agreements, we offer a variety of flexible solutions to meet the needs of any project. All of our forklifts are modern and well-maintained, meaning they will not break down on the job, leaving your operation running smoothly. Our experienced technicians are also on hand to assist you making the process of hiring forklifts a hassle-free experience. With reliable forklift hire available throughout Auckland, businesses can rest assured that their logistical needs are well handled.  If we don't have the forklift you're after, we can tell you who does. Get in touch if you need any assistance.

Forklift hire is a great solution for those who need a forklift but don't want to commit to buying one. It's a convenient, affordable way to meet your forklift needs without the expense of a full purchase. Forklift hire typically provides access to the latest models of the machine and the opportunity to use it on a short-term basis. With rental agreements from as short as a day to as long as a few months, it's easy to find the ideal timeframe for your job. When hiring, you have access to forklifts in different sizes and weights to suit a wide range of applications. And for companies with a limited budget, forklift hire allows them to benefit from having the equipment when needed.

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